The enlightenment of its people has served to distance Genevans from faith. Though worship of gods isn’t as widespread here as in more traditional cities, certain religions have ingrained themselves in the way the city is run. Unfortunately, it is the most immediately gratifying faiths that find the most success, and so evil gods find more followers here than usual.

Abadar – LN
The church of Abadar serves as the bank of Geneva, and is one of the most heavily guarded cathedrals in the world. From within are trained Geneva’s lawyers and bureaucrats. Those who go on to become officers of the law usually prove incorruptible, though they often err on the side of order rather than humanity and may be willing to look past otherwise hideous acts. Abadar’s clerics are able to privide a variety of healing services – but always for a price.

Asmodeus – LE
The Lord of Evil has a large hand in the machinations of the city. He preys on the desperate and power-hungry, and delights in abusing the law for his own gain – as do his followers. As those who deal with him do not pay their part of the bargain until death, worship of him as viewed with suspicion but is not taboo.

Zon-Kuthon – LE
His worship is insidiously evil, not outright, and so his followers are able to perform their dark practices with few restrictions. Torturous acts of pain and suffering are part of the ceremony within their ebony, shadowed halls, and ecstatic agony drives the macabre to them in droves. They may creep most folk out, but when one wants to know precisely how somebody died, they are unlikely to find better than a Zon-Kuthonite for the autopsy.

Shelyn – NG
Shelyn serves as the muse of the artistic and creative of Geneva. The humble yet beautiful church offers fundraisers featuring their masterpieces to aid the impoverished. Though they do not produce many martially inclined followers, the Shelynites strive to help Geneva in other, more wholesome ways.

Cayden Cailean – CG
Followers of Cayden Cailean can be found in every tavern the world over, but a high concentration can be found in Geneva. Many of his followers are adventurers, though who is boasting and who is just drunk is always a shot in the dark. They are the most outspoken about the corruption in the city, and those who endanger themselves can usually fall back on excessive alcohol as an excuse. It doesn’t always spare them their fate, however.

Nethys – N
The god of magic is worshipped almost primarily by established mages, though those hoping to acquire a measure of arcane skill are known to pray to him. Hardcore Nethysites bury themselves in arcane lore, often forgetting the mundane world entirely. These devoted few risk losing themselves to their craft just as Nethys did long ago.

Irori – LN
An ascetic in life, Irori ascended to godhood through nothing more than devotion. Though training his body was his path, he believes everybody’s path is different, be it body, mind, soul, or something else entirely. His followers are known to become monks and scholars, and many find both knowledge and the unbiased truth sacred. The Geneva Library is owned by a devout Irorian.

??? – ??
This god operates from the shadows. The less you know of him, the better. Seriously, don’t investigate this any further.


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